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7208 267th Street NW – Suite # 104, Stanwood, WA  98292 (Across from Bartell Drugs/ Facing The YMCA)

Fudo Yama Karate-Jutsu

The roots of Fudo Yama Karate Jutsu are based deep in the teachings of traditional Seibukan karate and Yama Kei Aikijutsu. The powerful and precise traditional Okinawan Seibukan karate has been passed down from Chotoku Kyan. Techniques from Yama Kei Aikijutsu complex fighting art date back centuries through the samurai family of Sokaku Takeda. These two long established styles of martial arts complement each other and deepen our students’ knowledge. Both are taught at Fudo Yama Karate Jutsu’s dojo in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity with a commitment to excellence.


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