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Classes Will Resume!

           Classes will be held today, Monday, February 6th.

Be safe out there!


 Kids’ Promotion

'16 Feb Kid's Promo - fighting pic'16 Feb Kid's Promo - group pic








Congratulation to the following students who promoted to their next well deserved rank on Monday, February 29th.

Connor S. – Kids’ Sankyu Rank

Hayden B. – Kids’ Yonkyu Rank

Gita M. – Kids’ Yonkyu Rank

James C. – Kids’ Rokyu Rank

Malcolm C. – Kids’ Nanakyu Rank

Daniel D. – Kids’ Nanakyu Rank

Sheridan R. – Kids’ Nanakyu Rank (not shown)

Continually foster that spirit of effort towards building your mind, body, and spirit!





45th Anniversary Flyer

Click on links below:

                   45th Anniversary Intro Letter

45th Anniversary Sign Up Form

 Sonia Meyer Shodan Certif-pic

Congratulation Sonia!

    Congratulations to Sonia M. on her promotion and achieving her shodan (first degree black belt) rank in Seibukan Karate-do.  She continually exhibits her hard work, dedication, and willingness to help.  A  promotion well deserved!

    She was tested in November of last year receiving her black belt and recently was presented her shodan certificate from Okinawa, signed and recorded by Zenpo Shimabukuro Sensei.

Another Successful Seibukan Seminar w/Nagata Sensei

On August 14th and 15th, Fudo Yama Karate-Jutsu hosted another great Seibukan Seminar taught by Jeff Nagata sensei representing the Pacific Rim Seibukan Karate Dojos.  On Friday evening we held a black belt promotion promoting John Taylor sensei to yondan rank (fourth degree black belt) and Brian Snook to sandan rank (third degree black belt).  Congratulations to their well deserved promotions!  Then on Saturday we held our annual seminar to include perfecting Seibukan basics, reviewing the kata Jion and introducing Jinbukan Kobudo (weaponry).  We covered a lot within the five hours, but of coarse it is never enough!  Again, thank you Nagata sensei for your time and for teaching another successful seminar!  Also, we would like to thank those who joined us from out of town and making it a fun and enjoyable!

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